GDY99F is an AEC Merryweather 100' Turntable ladder. It is based on the AEC Mercury goods vehicle chassis with the AEC AV505 engine. Although many hundreds of these appliances were built, most were with the rounded front cab built by Park Royal. Only the last 22 of this type of appliance were built with the AEC flat fronted 'Ergonomic' cab. This machine served with the Sussex Fire Brigade at Hastings and Brighton, before being taken off the run in 1988. It carries a Coventry Climax pump directly behind the crew cab. The valve unit fixed to the rear of the ladder platform is a dump valve to drain the water out of the ladder hose in a controlled manner.
"Goodys" finest hour came at the rescue work following the IRA bombing of the Grand Hotel in Brighton where the members of the British Government were staying. Pictures of the rescue were shown worldwide in the press and television.

Goody at a 10 pump fire in Hastings town centre in 1978. The original bells which were
replaced by two-tone sirens in 1980 are visible. The left bell was manually cranked by
the officer in charge, whilst the right bell was electrically operated.

Goody at a 4 pump 'Persons Reported' at St. Leonards. Note that the ladder is on
full extension and the rescue is being performed at the 12th. floor window!