EBB847W is an Operations Support Tender (OST) based upon a Shelvoke and Drewry WY chassis. This chassis is rated at 17 tons GVW and can carry a payload of 10 tons. The main function of this appliance is to transport FA1075 the 'N' Type Dennis Pump Escape to events which are outside a nominal 50 mile radius  from home. It is fitted with a 5 ton winch. The loading ramps are carried in a compartment below the main deck area and are accessed through a removable hatch in the tail section.

EBB847W was originally constructed by Chubb Fire as a Foam Tender  (shown below) and was supplied to Tyne and Wear Metropolitan Fire Brigade in 1981. It was stationed at Whitley Bay  fire station with the call sign of H5. A sister machine joined the brigade 2 years later, although this was based on a Dennis chassis. Both machines carried 800 gallons of foam compound ( 400 gallons protein, 400 gallons Hi-Ex) in a dual compartment stainless steel tank. A 1000 gallon per minute low pressure pump was fitted at the rear of the machine. In 1997 a change of Brigade policy from dedicated foam tenders to OSTs carrying demountable foam tanks resulted in both appliances undergoing conversions.