ED810 is a 1914 Dennis 'N' Type, fitted with a 6.6 litre 4 cylinder White and Poppe engine which has been referred to as the 45HP engine or the 50HP engine depending on which book you read! The engine is clearly distinguishable from the 60HP engine fitted to FA1075 as the cylinders are separate rather than cast as pairs. The appliance was supplied new to the Greenall Whitely Brewery in Warington, Chesire. It was used by the Brewery up 1950, and then acquired by the 'Old Trafford Motor Engineering Company' who were the local Dennis agents. In the early 60's it went back to the Dennis factory in Guildford for a full restoration by the Dennis Apprentices' Association, who then took it to rallies for a number of years. In recent times it has been on exhibition at  the Holker Hall Lakeland Motor Museum in Cumbria. The museum has now moved to a superb new location .  http://www.lakelandmotormuseum.co.uk/

A name plate just below the trembler coil switch declares the ownership of this wonderful machine.

Pictured below is ED810 just after the restoration by the Dennis Apprentices' Association. Of special note is the cast brass 'Fireman' radiator cap mascot. This has now disappeared. Any information as to its whereabouts or a replica would be greatly appreciated.

This view of the engine clearly shows the twin spark plugs per cylinder. One set is driven by a magneto and the other set is fired by a trembler coil operating through a distributor.



The White and Poppe advertising brochure of the time describes the attributes of the engine


Having taken part in the very first London to Brighton run for historic commercial vehicles it is hoped that ED 810 will be taking part in the 50th. anniversary run in May 2011. In the photograph below ( courtesy of Charlie Verrall) we see ED810 taking part in the 1971 London to Brighton run.