SN1549 is a Dennis 'N' Type fitted with the 3 stage Gwynne Turbine pump. This appliance left the factory in December 1920 for Helensboro in Scotland. In 1932 it was returned to the Dennis factory for reconditioning and then went to the Fire Brigade at Stalham in Norfolk. It remained in service there until the end of the second world war and was then purchased by a local individual. In the mid-eighties this machine went to a "Bygone" Museum in Norfolk and was sold at auction to the current owner in March 2000.


The above extract is taken from "150 years of Service - Stalham Fire Brigade" by Derek T. Farman, published by George Reeve Limited, of Wymondham, Norfolk. The original Stalham Fire Station is now restored and maintained by the 'Clink' preservation trust.


The interesting feature is the engine. The bore and stroke is 115 x 150, compared with 127 x 180 of  FA1075 and 127 x 130 of ED810. The engine is very much smoother than FA1075 and also has a lighter clutch action, so it drives very easily. Ignition is by magneto only, without a trembler coil to assist starting, which of course is by hand cranking only. The electrical system is enhanced by a small dynamo driven by a twisted link belt from the crankshaft pulley.

SN1549 is now undergoing a full restoration. The engine has just been rebuilt and is now back in a freshly painted chassis

At auction  in Newark on March 13th. 2000.