The above advertisement from the front cover of the November 1953 Edition of the 'Fire' magazine really sums up the history of DSN175.  Whilst at Singer it was involved in a front end collision. Rather than replace the damaged window frames with original items, the front glass was inserted into rubber beading resulting in a slightly non-standard appearance.

After many years in storage DSN175 will be re-making public appearances during 2003!

The Works Production Order  (or the WPO) is the most important document in the creation of a new Dennis Fire Appliance. Below is shown the WPO for 'Disney'. Since no cushions or squabs were required in the crews' compartment, the material content in this machine could be reduced by;

3 1/2 yards of black Vynide

1 1/4 yards of felt

16 1/2 yards of Seaming cord

12 lbs of horse hair mixture!

Reproduced by permission of Alexander-Dennis and the Surrey History Service

In December 2003 DSN175 became available as a Corgi model!