BH-0500 is a 45HP Dennis 'N' Type (Car Number: 4357, Engine Number:14019) and was built just 8 machines before the other 45HP 'N' Type in this collection SN1549. It was supplied new to the High Wycombe Fire Brigade. A document held by the Buckinghamshire County Council declares that the vehicle registration BH0500 was allocated to;
'Chepping Wycombe Corporation' of 14 Easton Street, High Wycombe on the  9th. November 1920. The vehicle was noted as red in colour and the following additional details were added;

Weight: T - 4, C - 4, Q - 1 and lbs - 0
Axle-weight of each Axle: Back  T - 5, C - 18, Q - 1 and Front  T - 2, C -13, Q - 3
Diameter of wheels: Back 34" and Front 34"
Width and material of tyres: Back 8 " solid rubber twin and Front 3 " solid rubber
Maximum speed permissible: 12 miles per hour.Vehicle is intended for use as a public conveyance.

The ladder appears to be the top 3 sections from a Shand Mason lattice girder escape ladder. The rear wings are not original and appear to have been changed to accommodate pneumatic tyres at one stage during its life only to be replaced again by a late pattern solid wheels. I am grateful to Roger Mardon for researching the material for this page.


This photograph taken sometime in the 1920's shows BH-0500 taking part in a local parade. At this stage in its life it is still fitted with the original solid tyred cast spoked wheels. A standard pattern Ajax type ladder is also carried.


A further picture of BH0500 in the early years outside of the Fire Station at High Wycombe