FA4067 is a 1930 Low Load Dennis fitted with the 60/70HP White and Poppe  'T' head 4 cylinder side valve engine. This engine originally appeared in Dennis 'N' Types as far back as 1911. In 1930 this is one of the last applications. An electric start makes the engine feel positively modern. A further advancement is the integration of the power take off with the gearbox and the replacement of the box joints with flexible spider type universal joints. Finally, there are brakes on all four wheels and although they are rod operated there is a vacuum servo present to give power assistance.  The fire fighting water pump is a Dennis Number 3 using 6 inch suction.

FA4067 started life with the Burton on Trent Fire Brigade, before transferring to the Bass Brewery Fire Brigade where it ran along side FA1075 which also features in this collection.



Innovation also continues through to the electrical system. A dynamo is present although the charge control is manually selected without any form of regulation.


The Dennis number 3, 1000 gpm pump.