AR5232 is a 1913 lightweight Dennis fire appliance fittted with a small White and Poppe 4 cylinder petrol engine.

It has a rather exquisite radiator cap mascot!

It featured in an early colour Dennis brochure

It was supplied new to the John Dickenson Fire Brigade

JDFB were keen and successful competitors in works fire brigades competitions

After been passed to Paddock Wood, Tonbridge  Fire Brigade it again became a works fire appliance for Arnolds.

The engine is an early White and Poppe design more frequently used in Singer cars of that period. The engine does not have a water pump but relies on thermo-siphon for cooling. The initial requirement was to make the machine a reliable starter and runner. The petrol filter was re-gauzed to allow full fuel flow.

The primary problem were water leaks. The top part of the manifold was extensively corroded and impossible to seal reliably.

On removing the manifold the rear flange broke away.

A new hose connector was turned and welded into the manifold after removing the corroded section. The flange was also welded back in place.

However the welding of the part was extremely difficult due to the age of the casting and an un-repaired crack permitted water to weep through the casting.

The solution was to bore down into the manifold to allow sleeves to be fitted. Due to the awkward shape of the tapered manifold a special fixture had to be made to hold the manifold securely on the CNC machining centre.

After the boring it was decided to also machine in recesses so that the sleeves which were to pressed in could also seal on the mating face.

Here we see the 'top hat' sleeve in place and a the surface machined flat.

Now it s all back in place without leaks!