The work then began to get GXA95 running. It had certainly not been started  for at least 9 years at the Donnington museum but very possibly for 25 years. The first surprise was under the bonnet. Rather than the Meadows 6EX which should have been there it was found to have been re-engined with a six cylinder Leyland unit!

The year of manufacture of the engine is believed to be 1938. It is quite an advanced unit with a chan diven single overhead camshaft.

The machine had been left standing with a tank of petrol which had evaporated to leave the petrol pipes and carburettor blocked with varnish type gum. The bronze bodied Solex carburettor was cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner

All the basic things were then done like dropping the sump pan and cleaning out all the old oil and residues which had settled out over the past 30 years.

We were then ready for the first start




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