The most obvious problem was the leaking radiator and this was started on first. Besides the tw rows of bolts and studs which hold the tanks to the radiator core, four long tie rods pass through the bottom tank and side panels and screw into the header tank. These were impossible to remove so they were sawn through slipping a hacksaw blade into the gasket.

The studs in the tanks (which hadn't sheared off) were removed by welding nuts onto them and then winding them out with a spanner. The heat from the TIG torch aiding their release.

The studs which were sheared off were carefully drilled out using a milling machine. The holes were then re-tapped being careful to pick up on the original thread.

 New studs were made from 316 stainless steel bar so that they will never corrode again. Stainless bolts and nuts were also used on the radiator.

With the radiator back together it was time for a little 'play' before the engine had to came apart.



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